System Realtime Data Comparison

This page shows a comparison of real time data collected from our three weather stations.

The Davis data is updated every 10 seconds, the AcuRite data every 18.  As values update they briefly turn red.

FieldDavis ValueAcuRite ValueField Description
Record Date/Time 
tempoutside temperature
temptrendtemperature trend value (The average rate of change in temperature over the last three hours)
apptempApparent temperature
wchillwind chill
heatindexHeat index
humrelative humidity
pressbarometer (The sea level pressure)
presstrendvalpressure trend value (The average rate of pressure change over the last three hours)
wspeedwind speed (average)
wlatestlatest wind speed reading
bearingwind bearing (degrees)
currentwdircurrent wind direction (compass point)
beaufortnumberwind speed (beaufort)
avgbearing10-minute average wind bearing (degrees)
wdirAverage wind direction
wgust10-minute high gust
windrunwind run (today)
rratecurrent rain rate (per hour)
rfallrain today
rhourrainfall last hour
rmonthmonthly rainfall
ryearyearly rainfall
rfallYyesterday's rainfall
windunitwind units - m/s mph km/h kts
tempunitnodegtemperature units - degree C degree F
pressunitpressure units - mb hPa in
rainunitrain units - mm in
tempTHtoday's high temp
TtempTHtime of today's high temp (hh:mm)
tempTLtoday's low temp
TtempTLtime of today's low temp (hh:mm)
windTMtoday's high wind speed (of average as per choice)
TwindTMtime of today's high wind speed (average) (hh:mm)
wgustTMtoday's high wind gust
TwgustTMtime of today's high wind gust (hh:mm)
pressTHtoday's high pressure
TpressTHtime of today's high pressure (hh:mm)
pressTLtoday's low pressure
TpressTLtime of today's low pressure (hh:mm)
forecastnumberThe number of the current (Zambretti) forecast
isdaylightFlag to indicate that the location of the station is currently in daylight (1 = yes 0 = No)
cloudbasevalueCloud base
cloudbaseunitCloud base units
versionCumulus Versions(the specific version in use)
buildCumulus build number